Monday, September 04, 2006

Welcome to RWF.


Welcome to readingwhilefalling.

I began this blog at the start of the July 2006 war between Hezbollah and Israel and kept it up until the cease-fire.

In June of 2006, I scraped together my (paltry) savings and took off for the middle east, determined to get a better, first-hand understanding of the region, its people and all its purported complexities. In spite of my grand itinerary, my first and last stop was Beirut; three days after arriving, Israel bombed Hariri Int'l Airport and I was stuck.

I spent the war assisting a local NGO with its psychological relief program directed towards children who had had their homes destroyed and who had lost loved ones.

Also, I did my best to keep a record of my observations and experiences: RWF, a series of photos, quotes, conversations and (a pile) of thoughts.

Given the circumstances, the hastily written blog still has spelling errors and parts that need obvious edits. Nonetheless, at the request of a few and for authenticity's sake I've decided to leave the blog up, unedited, in case anyone (now or in the future) might find it useful.

So, if this is your first time here, I suggest you flip back to the first post and work your way to the front.

Good luck and thanks for reading,



Anonymous said...

T, I do hope that you would continue writing on this fabulous online journal you've started in beirut. And share your insights on what politics/history/religion etc based on your current vantage point.
Keep well.

Stanley Braganza said...

Allright mate! I have to say I have followed your blog from somewhere in the Middle, an dI have to say, sterling effort!

It just so happens I wish to do my PhD in what could be described as conflict resolution. You blog has been an invaluable resouce to what is happening at the grass roots.

I thank you for that

Sandeep said...

unbelievable stuff... you continue to blow me away, Tom.

R2K said...

: )

F. said...

It's so nice to read your blog from the US. You haven't written in a while. I have a blog, a lot of it nostalgia and some politics, a lot personal, like a diary:
... if you have some time. Hope all is well with you there.

Karl said...

awesome blog name

barehandFX said...

why you stop blogging?

Watch TV said...


zXc said...
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zXc said...
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zXc said...
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Nederland said...

I enjoy precisely what you have created here. I like the section when you state what you are doing this for you to provide back but I would likely think by many the feedback that this is on your side as well.

Brasil said...

I like your ideas on the concept of subjectivity and how transmedia storytelling allows us to explore many individual characters' back stories.